Love Unknown Songs & other stuff by Paul Carpenter
Available Songsets:
One Another
12 Ending
11 Drifting
10 Travelling
09 Reconsidering
08 Tracking
07 Holding
06 Falling
05 Searching
04 Engineering
03 Sharing
02 Learning
01 Beginning

Welcome to the songsets page.

If you know the songset you want click on the list on the right. If not there's a list with longer descriptions below.

The songs are organised into songsets (in a parallel universe they would be albums and people would pay for them). The earlier numbered ones are convenient collections of separate songs; the later ones were planned as themed song cycles and, by golly, that's how they turned out. I expect future songsets will be of a similar nature.

Each songset page has these features:

- a Wimpyplayer that lets you hear the songs, nice and streamed on broadband. You can download them as mp3s as well, if you should so wish
- lyrics for each song just a click away
- notes that give you some insight into why I wrote the damned things in the first place
- credits, usually just me and my faithful guitars, sequencer and sound modules, although sometimes there are proper musicians involved.

Go on - have a listen.

Lights - 'Pictures at an Exhibition', only less so.
One Another - it's a past, but not much of one.
Stations - the one about going on a journey, you know, through life and everything.
Signs - it's got songs based on the Zodiac, which seemed like a good idea at the time.
Coastline - inspired by walking the Suffolk coast. Co-written with Chris, there are lots of watery images, if not eyes.
12 Ending - Wrapping up the older songs and - whoa - did someone mention a musical?
11 Drifting - Still recording despite life seeming to pass me by.
10 Travelling - Songs recorded in deepest Devon with Chris, so at least the arrangements are interesting.
09 Reconsidering - got no inspiration? Then take a some old song fragments and finish them off with your new-found maturity.
08 Tracking - First attempts at home recording and latter day attempts at making them sound better.
07 Holding - Holding on in quiet desparation as the Floyd once said.
06 Falling - For what is a man, if he has not written a love song, or indeed fourteen of them?
05 Searching - Look out, here comes the first song cycle.
04 Engineering - At last he's in a proper studio.
03 Sharing - What's sung in the bedsit should stay in the bedsit.
02 Learning - OK so the honeymoon period is over - what does he do now?
01 Beginning - it's the first attempt at songwriting and all that implies.