Love Unknown Songs & other stuff by Paul Carpenter
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Welcome to Love Unknown, the web showcase for the artistic (for want of a better word) output of Paul Carpenter.

Contained in here are songs written over many years and other oddments. It's a song log ('slog'?) and when complete, if ever, will illustrate a large part of my life.

If your computer can handle it please listen to the streamed songs as you read the lyrics and follow the notes. If you like what you hear please download and listen again when you please.

It's all free, as I long ago gave up the idea that anyone would pay me to do this. It might well be better that way.

If you've got something interesting to say then please contact me if only to tell me how you found this remote unregarded part of the web anyway.

I have a big backlog of songs to present here, so keep checking the updates to the right.

Love from an unknown

Paul Carpenter