8. Complex World

Itís a complex, itís a complex
Itís a complex world

Make the right decision, find a little niche
Forget about your visions, join the nouveau riche
Youth is our life blood, we need you man
Do yourself some good and fit into our plans

Well, Iím so simple, Iím so simple

All I wanna be is an ordinary working working boy
All I wanna do is spend my life in something, something I enjoy
All I wanna spread is some good for you, some good for you and me
All I wanna have is a little say in my own destiny

Now listen sonnyÖ

Join the right religion, worship at the shrine
Establish your position, whatís yours is mine
We need your lifeblood or suffer a decline
Remember your family and things will turn out fine

Itís a complex, exciting, itís a wonderful world
Itís a complex, inviting, itís a go ahead world