13. Beside the water

Beside the water wait for me
My lovely lady fantasy
As I made you faithfully
Wait for me

She is my own, my imagery
For she reflects me perfectly
She is the one long promised me
Wait for me

The others I have broken for their inconsistency
Their love was but a token of what my lady has for me
The others were too open, too clothed in secrecy
My ladyís of the ocean, she holds everything of me

With each new love she smiles for me
For I believe itís her I see
And she allows me company
Wait for me

She soon reveals her jealousy
I hear my name, I must be free
She knows my heart is of the sea
Wait for me

The others have been taken and put far away from me
But I am not forsaken, I see her constantly
The others only weaken, forget the poetry
My ladyís ever speaking words of love to me

And now there is no company
I am hers and she is me
Together we await the sea
Await the sea