7. Never forget you

We will take circumstances and make them our own
We will take on convention and turn it to stone
We will fight, we will fight
For what seems to be right and
I’ll never forget you -

Though there’s sadness in parting there’s resolve in our eyes
We can hold out together, defy the goodbyes
And it might, yes it might
It might just turn out right, anyway
I’ll never forget you
Never forget you, never forget –

I know I spend my life in dreams
And so nothing’s what it seems
You make sense to me my girl
Making sense to me

They know how it all should be
And so they wait with sympathy
Can you look them in the eyes
Imagine their surprise?

We know there’s so much to be had
And so there’s no need to be sad
Still I thought you’d like to know
That I hate to go

And if we should fail become strangers again
Let us look back in thanks and join in the amen
And we fought, yes we fought
And still it came to naught, anyway
I’ll never forget you

Still I thought you’d like to know
That I don’t like to go