1. Party

I remember once a party and there it was we met
A party of beginnings that oh so quickly went
We talked and you intrigued me
And soon it was I knew

That I could love you, like you, live my life for you
Love you, like you, give myself to you

Your eyes shined so brightly as we exchanged happy thoughts
The world manoeuvered round us, revels without a cause
And I hoped they’d stay away
For deep inside I knew

Sometimes I feel romance in my soul
Feel I need someone to make my wide world whole
How I’ve yet to meet her, yet to take her hand
Sure in the hope that she will somehow understand

Then they came between us and I lost sight of you
There were friends to talk to, as people seem to do
I was no-one special and
Now you’ll never know

I could have loved you, liked you, lived my life for you
Loved you, liked you given myself to you